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I’m so annoyed and sick of the slut shaming that surrounds taylorswift and her personal life.

Of course, this is a personal struggle everyday, what with my love for celebrity stalking and just all-around love of Taylor Swift. It physically pains me to see the bullshit that surrounds her…

This is serioulsy how pissed off I am.

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I know this is a themed blog but I’ma leave this personal note here.

I’m so annoyed and sick of the slut shaming that surrounds taylorswift and her personal life.

Of course, this is a personal struggle everyday, what with my love for celebrity stalking and just all-around love of Taylor Swift. It physically pains me to see the bullshit that surrounds her personal life, which, despite being a public figure, is still that - personal. No matter WHAT her personal decisions are, they are HERS, and no one elses. What she decides to do is not for your public ridicule and debate. Whether she’s dated a 100 men in her 8 years as a celebrity, and not the actual 4 or 5 it’s been, is not up for your public shaming.

I was watcing Kathie Lee Gifford and Koda this morning (only because it’s ALL THAT’S EVER ON in the student center, where I sit and wait for my next class), and before announcing that Taylor Swift would either be on later to sing a part of her next released single for her album, or they’d just play a video clip of her & the song, they just had to say that she’d “be singing another song about one of her ex boyfriends! Because that’s what she does, right? She sings about ex boyfriends? I’d be afraid to date her, that’s for sure!”

Obviously that’s not word-for-word but that’s as close as I can remember.

Shame on you, KLG and Koda, as well as everyone else who thinks they can take a cheap shot at a singer/songwriter who does what practically every music artist does, and sings about love: past love, old love, new love, future love, current love, as well as the persons included in those loves.


And she’s 100000% correct.

A lot of these talk show hosts, radio show hosts, etc., don’t realize the damage they incur with their pointing fingers and judgmental statements. Saying things like that isn’t going to get a chuckle out of anyone expect people who already dislike her, but there are more fans than haters out there and let me tell you, the fans are none too pleased.

This is only the second time I have ever gone on a rant like this concerning Taylor Swift (the first being her performance at the VMA’s August 2013), mostly because 1.) my ranting would literally never end considering the never-ending train of stupidity that seems to follow every move she makes and 2.) Tay Sway is a big girl who can, and has, take care of herself and in no way needs my defense, but MY GOD.

Most of the people taking cheap shots at her are grown adults, and supposed professionals.

And hey, I mean, dating is supposed to be for someone to find the one person you wanna spend the rest of your life with. I’d date 100 guys if it meant finding the one I’d stay married to forever.

Everyone needs to grow up. Doing something good with your big mouths. Promote a needy cause. Debate politics. Endorse something useful. SOMETHING. Use your professional and public status to inform and do good.

And for godsSAKES. You are fellow women! Why do women feel the need to tear each other down for their life choices? Enough of the slut shaming, the spectulating, the whatever you want to call it! We should be building each other up for godssakes. We get enough shit from men for being “sluts” despite their playboy statuses. Why turn against each other? This is more than just a rant against two obnoxious talk show hosts that made a simple comment. It’s the fact that they, among others, do not realize the effects these types of comments have.

For example: Do you know that Taylor Swift doensn’t even date anymore?

"I feel like watching my dating life has become a bit of a national pastime. And I’m just not comfortable providing that kind of entertainment anymore. I don’t like seeing slide shows of guys I’ve apparently dated. I don’t like giving comedians the opportunity to make jokes about me at award shows. "I don’t like it when headlines read ‘Careful, Bro, She’ll Write a Song About You’, because it trivialises my work. And most of all, I don’t like how all these factors add up to build the pressure so high in a new relationship that it gets snuffed out before it even has a chance to start. And so, I just don’t date."

Way to go, guys. Way to go. I hope that little joke you made was worth it, got you that one extra viewer, and made you feel better about yourselves.

I honestly don’t know if the flow of all of this has made any sense as 1. I’m in a rage and 2. I was up all night and am therefore exhausted, but:

tl;dr: Shut the hell up about Taylor Swift and worry about your own damn lives.

And sorry for all the inevitable typos that I’m too lazy to check for.

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Emily Was Being Perfectly Lovely


And Rory just couldn’t drop the black eye thing. You don’t do that at the dinner table, and you don’t do that in front of someone else. 

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tfbroken said: Which professor and how did yall get on that topic?

Research Methods! On the first day of classes we all had to ask him a question and I asked what his favorite TV show is and he said Gilmore girls! Today we were all talking about how FRIENDS is going to be on Netflix soon and I said I was going to drop out of college and just watch Netflix all the time and he said, “Yeahh, I’m halfway through season 1 now of my Gilmore girls rewatch! I love Netflix!” or something to that effect haha (:

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I’m not gonna lie…

I may be unable to stand my professor, but the fact that Gilmore girls is one of his favorite tv shows is kinda hot.

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blowakisstakeitback → Am I the only one who ships Rory with Tristan!?!?!

NO MA’AM! I, too, ship her with Tristan! I feel like he, too, would have made a turnaround like Jess and become an amazing man worthy of our Rory. :) There was deffo sparks when they kissed!

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Richard never defending Emily in front of his mother will always be the fucking worst.


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nuniqueequeg → Hi, I'm old fan. I ship Lorelai & Luke. what's the best fanfic about them? Thank you :)

Hey, doll! I certainly couldn’t choose a best one, but I have a masterpost of fan fictions that are my favorite that you can take a look at! If you click “By Character/Pairing” you can find Java Junkies lit! Enjoy!

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"Finally, a Taylor Doose position I can get behind."

-Luke Danes 

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Anonymous → The continuity problems on this show never bother me (even though I know it does bother a lot of others across the internet lol), but today I noticed one that kind of does. When Rory leaves her 1st school, it's obviously not a great school, the girls are doing their nails instead of homework etc. But when Jess gets there and starts skipping school he goes "you put me in a school with 6. DIFFERENT. LANGUAGES. and expect me to keep up." Is there an error like that, that you've noticed/bothers you?

The actually bothered me a lot! There were a few others, too, like the re-use of characters, and none that I can think of now that I’m actually being asked about them but usually think of and rant about internally when no one cares. :p

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Gilmore Girls is now officially on Netflix!

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superiorbiscuits → I'm asking this cause I didn't see them on your ships list: do you ship Sookie and Jackson?

Yes. I forgot about that because Jackson actually annoys me beyond belief. But as a couple, they’re a couple-a cuties.

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lorelaisdanes said: how the times fly,can you believe that we have been friends for 2.5 years?!

i can’t believe it! it’s amazing <3 <3 <3

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haveacookie96 → What's your opinion on the COFFEECOFFEECOFFEE scene? I think many times Lorelai proved that she doesn't put up with anyone's shit and gets justice when someone wrongs her... So agreeing to pay for 3 coffees was totally unlike her, she didn't order 3 coffees... And the lady serving her, if she serioulsy thought that Lorelai wanted 3 coffees just because she said the word 3 times really fast, she has really bad custumer service skills... She should have checked first.

On Lorelai’s behalf, I think she sort of thought, “Eh, I can see where she’d think I wanted 3 coffees,” and also, “Eh, not everyone (re: no one) is Luke and therefore I can see how she’d not get my quirkiness” and also, “Well, I’m stuck with this place now that I can’t go to Luke’s so I might as well not make enemies by being picky.”

On the server’s behalf: She’s just an idiot. Like I’ve done to Dunkin’ Donuts and been like, “coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee” and they’ve never given me 7 coffees … also she didn’t proceed to ask if she wanted cream or sugar, which ANY good server in the coffee industry does, unless you know them and see them on a regular basis and therefore know their order so I feel like somewhere in THAT interaction she’d have discovered that Lorelai only wanted 1 coffee. Also, I find it hard to beleive that in such a small town there was someone that didn’t know about Lorelai, her quirkiness and her coffee addiction. Maybe she was a commuter from Woodbury?

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ghostlyherbert → What do you think of Rory and Paris as a romantic ship? (Or, alternatively, Rory, Paris, and Jess.)

Rory // Paris: THEORETICALLY, I feel like it could work well. Paris would challenge Rory and make Rory actually have to work for things, rather than them being (for the most part) handed to her. Rory would mellow Paris out a lot.

Rory // Paris // Jess: Mmm, probably not. The 3 of them individually are so jealous that sharing partners wouldn’t go over well.

Realistically, based on their personalities and preferences on the show, I’d go with nah.

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