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I made another Gilmore Girls + Text Posts


I feel like this one is gonna be my new hobby (while the meme is fresh) for awhile till I get some time again for screencapping.

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Gilmore Girls + Text Posts » Part 1 / ?

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  • Luke: Well, first off, he ate three pounds of unsweetened baking chocolate, so I had to rush him to the vet, to his house because the animal hospital was closed, and he forced some sort of vomit-inducing medicine down Paul Anka's throat, and then Paul Anka proceeded to throw up for the next hour and a half. After that I sat with him for another three hours, holding a bowl of water under his nose to make sure that he was re-hydrating properly, and then I chocolate-proofed the apartment and the diner to make sure that never happens again. And now I'm gonna go downstairs and make Paul Anka some scrambled eggs because the vet said that the kibble is gonna be a little hard on his stomach for a couple of days. Does he have any particular fear of cheddar? Cause I thought I'd throw that in to make it taste better.
  • Lorelai: Luke?
  • Luke: Yeah?
  • Lorelai: I don't want to set a wedding date until things are right with Rory.
  • Luke: ...Okay. ...So, the cheddar is...?
  • Lorelai: Okay.
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"The dog ate chocolate. And I don’t know a lot about dogs, but I do know they shouldn’t eat chocolate, and I went to the animal hospital, and they were closed, and I called Babette and she told me where you lived, and you got to do something. Because this is not my dog. This is my fiance’s dog. She loves him. She named him “Paul Anka”, which may, on the surface, not seem like a sign of love, but if you knew her, you’d get it, and believe me there’s a lot of ways I could screw up, but I cannot lose her over the fact I killed her dog."
— Luke Danes, being the absolutely best and most adorable fiance/person ever.
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  • BABETTE: Yeah! Morey proposed to me spontaneously. (to Luke) Did I ever tell you the story?
  • LUKE: Um..No.
  • BABETTE: It was a brisk fall night, and Morey was on top... no...wait, I was on top.
  • LUKE: What?
  • BABETTE: Hold on! Stony Morrison was on top
  • LUKE: Babette!
  • BABETTE: We were playing Twister! Did I not mention that?
  • LUKE: No!
  • BABETTE: I probably should have.
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R.I.P., Robin Williams.

I recognize that he was an inspiring person and role model to many. I also realize that a death may bring back terrible emotions and memories to some. I am here for anyone who wants to talk. If you’re suffering in any way, like Robin was, I’m here for you.

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Anonymous → White trash people who think only people with money matter, I fucking hated Emily Richard and Logan, they were horrible people

I do believe we have different definitions on white trash:


However, going by the deifnition you gave me, I have to whole-heartedly disagree. While Emily, Richard and Logan did put a bit of an emphasis on money, their connections, and just straight-up the fact that they had it, it did not make up their entire personality and lives. We see very soft and lovely sides of these three characters on mnay ocassions, and I’d never go as far as saying that they were horrible people. Did they do things I did not agree with? Absolutely. But let’s take a closer look, shall we? Presenting: Amanda’s explanation as to Why Emily, Richard, and Even Logan are Some of the Best People Ever.

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Anonymous → Do you ever watch an episode of Gilmore girls and think to yourself oH wow so much white trash

That depends on what you mean … can you elaborate or give an example?

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"I did not get into a quote ‘bitch fight’ with him! … It was that insufferable Roslynn."
— Emily Gilmore
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Emily sounding so excited and proud of Lorelai and her cover article. c:
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i don’t understand why celebrities require so much crap for their dressing rooms like get me apple juice and my usual $7 worth of taco bell and i’m all set thanks

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Gilmore Girls emojis

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So I saw this on my dash, and until I got to the “her” … well, you can imagine my confusion and, frankly, shock and disgust.

So I saw this on my dash, and until I got to the “her” … well, you can imagine my confusion and, frankly, shock and disgust.

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