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(requested) opinion: v. lorelai gilmore x boyfriend(s)

one-sweet—love asked you: i’d like to request an opinion on the men in loralai’s life and who she should have ended up with:)


[and thus begins, the men of lorelai gilmore’s life]

Let’s begin with Christopher.

I’m automatically not going to pick Christopher. If you’re a Christopher x Lorelai shipper, turn away this second because I hate him SO SO MUCH, but I will list the pros and cons of Lorelai’s relationship with him, just to be fair. But I hate him oh-so very much.

To Lorelai, Christopher was very loyal. When she got pregnant with Rory, he wanted to be with her and get married and make a family, which is not the sort of thing most 16 year old boys would commit to. He was irresponsible at the time up until around the second season, but he still would have been there for her. He is also committed to being Rory’s dad and trying to make things work out between the three of them. He would have gone to the moon and back for Lorelai. He knows her like he knows the back of his hand, maybe even better than that. He gets all the cute, crazy quirks of the Gilmore girls and is on the up-and-up with crafty pop-culture references.

However. He got crazy jealous over Luke. He helped Emily sabotage Lorelai and Luke’s relationship which is just wrong on so many levels, no matter who she’s dating. He was, in my opinion, insanely obnoxious. He slept with Lorelai not long after she dumped Luke which was also wrong. He could never seem to take a hint. He never cared that he was always just a fall-back for Lorelai. He treated her like she was God and let her get away with so much, which in the end just made her spoiled. They never had a healthy relationship except for maybe before she got pregnant.

Luke. LUKE LOVED HER FOR 8 YEARS. 8. YEARS. KEPT A FAKE HOROSCOPE IN HIS WALLET FOR 8. YEARS. He did everything he could for her and never expected anything in return from her, always sitting there and loving her and watching her go from man to man and he did those things because he loved her and wanted to see her smile. (The ice rink. The chuppah. Fixing things around her house constantly. Buying a TV for her to fall asleep to. Saving pancakes and danishes for her. Enabling her coffee addiction. Buying then unbuying then buying then unbuying the Twickham house. Money to help save the inn. The going-away party for Rory. etc.) He was there for her when she needed him like at the picnic auction, when her dad was in the hospital, etc. He even put off their wedding because she wanted to wait until her and Rory were talking again. He was also like a dad to Rory. He was an all-around wonderful person and a great match for Lorelai. Their verbal spars were THE best and they seemed to be on the same intellectual level, too.

However. Him breaking up with her just because of what her mother did, the way he did it, “This is too much for me) broke my heart (although I love that he went to her when she called him, babbling on about The Way We Were). It was so unfair of him not to tell her about April and I feel like it was for a different reason than “She’ll like you better.” Even if that was the reason he could have explained that to her or maybe even just said, “I want to get to know her on my own first, I just met her.” And he didn’t even get to tell her himself - she found out on accident. Who knows how long he would have kept that from her? He was also always getting mad at her, I feel like, and it was over really stupid things. I also hated the way he acted in the grocery store after they broke up; he sort of acted like their relationship had never mattered. He turned Lorelai into a big emotional wreck sometimes.

Max. Max was adorable but he never completely understood the Gilmore girls. Other than that, I think he was flawless. I don’t think Lorelai was completely fair to him, to be honest. He was a great boyfriend but he tried to not let her get away with everything. He tried so hard for her but she led him to believe she wanted to get married when I feel like it was totally obvious that we wasn’t 100% into the idea.

Digger. I’m not going to lie…I actually really liked Digger (Jason) Stiles. I liked the fact that he came form her former world but for the most part he was pretty down to earth. He was definitely on her level.

However. However, I don’t really feel like we saw enough of him to see any cons of their relationship, although my memory of that season isn’t up to par.

[the what-could-have-beens]

 What happened to Alex, anyway? He was adorable! HE GOT HER TO TRY FISHING! He was going to open a coffeeshop! SHE LOVES COFFEE! Just saying. I don’t really have much to say about Alex.

guy from business school. His real name was irrelevant to me. I just liked their burrito bit. I feel like it could have bloomed into more, like a taco or a chalupa bit.

chilton dad. I feel like Rory could have gotten some major perks out of this. He was cute. PLUS HE TRAVELS. HE WAS GOING TO CHINA. SOME GOOD COULD HAVE CAME OUT OF THIS, I SWEAR.

Kirk. If not for just getting out of the thing with Christopher, she should have given Kirk a fair chance. I bet his date with her would have been awkwardly cute. 

[but in the end]

Luke. Luke all the way. In case I hadn’t of made that obvious. As perfect as Max was, they didn’t belong together because their feelings weren’t mutual, obviously. Luke is the only person that was able to break Lorelai down, she because she loved him with all her heart and when he wasn’t there, her heart was empty. It’s like, she didn’t know who she was without him. They’d never dated before so no matter what he was always in her life even if they were fighting or something she knew she could always go to him if she needed him but this time, she needed him and he wasn’t there, and she didn’t think he’d be there for her ever again. She felt like he was completely gone from her life and it practically killed her. Luke was so lost without her. They were miserable without being in each other’s lives. They belonged together.

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