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Hot damn.

Luke getting pissed at Jimmy and talking about helping Jess was pretty damn sexy.

Don’t judge me.

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Today is the anniversary of the day that almost was. Happy June 3rd.

Today is the anniversary of the day that almost was. Happy June 3rd.

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Luke’s awkward hug when Rory gets into Harvard, Princeton and Yale is just so darn adorable.
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I’ve been thinking about attitude to sex on Gilmore Girls lately and one of the episodes which people talk a lot about is The Big One, where Paris claims she didn’t get into Harvard because she had sex and Lorelai, overjoyed that Rory hasn’t, says, “I’ve got the good kid!” Some…

The geek/bimbo dichotomy correlating with the virgin/slut dichotmy seems to be perpetrated throughout the show. Most visibly with Madeline and Louise, who enjoy their personal time and enjoy their sexuality and are thus portrayed as vapid bimbo’s with zero interest in academia and debatable intelligence.  They contrast very well with for example Logan who is repeatedly portrayed as very sexually active and a party animal, but he is also often shown as very intelligent and capable. 

What saddens me most, is that when I read this post I immediatly recognized what was said, but it hadn’t struck me until now, which is another example of how ingrained these ideas are in our culture. 

I’m learning so much from Tumblr!

This is the thing - men are never defined by their sexuality and women are.  It’s like the storyline where Rory lost her virginity to Dean while he was married.  It’s bad that she had sex that way but people focus a LOT on her losing her virginity that way.  It implies that Rory lost PURITY through her virginity.  Most people would hasten to argue that that they don’t think a woman loses purity when she has sex but the same people often expect a woman to want her first time to be when she’s in love and ‘perfect’ and, if she doesn’t, there must be something wrong.  No one cares how a guy loses his virginity.  Emotional weight is placed all on women and never on men.

I think America in particular has a very odd approach to sex.  It’s seen as the be all and and end all but if you’re female you must want to resist it unless you’re married and, even then, it’s unhealthy to express healthy urge for it.  Women aren’t expected to even have a sex drive.

In the media, a woman’s first time is almost always liked with punishment.  It’s disappointing or she looks ‘different’ and, if it’s not under ‘perfect’ circumstances, she is vilified for it.  A man’s first time is often shown as very humourous and if he’s ‘lucky’ it’s with an older woman.  Men are shown to constantly crave it and women to constantly refrain.  The novel Forever was written to challenge the view that teenagers couldn’t have a responsible, loving, sexual relationship and I can’t think of any that have matched this.  Forever was written almost forty years ago and, even within that, the main character wants sex the ‘right’ way.

There is still a fierce attitude of ‘nice girls don’t have sex’ and I sadly don’t see it changing soon.

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hey guys!

i’m avoiding studying but in order to try to be more active until finals are over, is anyone interested in a share your opinions night? 15 likes and it’s a go!

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sparklyleftiezebra → Fav couple: Luke and Lorelai Song: I'm gonna be (500 miles)- the Proclaimers Reason: Luke would do anything for Lorelai. And also getting to the point where they were actually together felt like walking 500 miles lol.

AWWWWWW That’s actually a really cool song to pick for them, I’ve never thought of that! (Of course will all the songs I don’t know there’s probably a lot of songs I haven’t thought of for them.) Good pick! And haha, YES, I LOVE that reasoning, haha! Thank you, sparklyleftiezebra!

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